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It’s all YIDDISH to me!

Four (virtual) presentations by all-star scholars! 

“Yiddish was the spoken language of three quarters of the Jewish people for close to 1,000 years.”
– Aaron Lansky, Founder & President, Yiddish Book Center


Dec 7: The Catskills, Klezmer and beyond: Appreciating Yiddish music
presented by PROF. YALE STROM

Dec 14: Yiddish Folklore: Stories, Legends, and Magic
presented by PROF. NATAN MEIR

Dec 21: Expecting the Unexpected: Yiddish in the time of COVID
presented by AARON LANSKY, Founder & President the Yiddish Book Center 

Dec 28: Yiddish in Action: The Bund
presented by PROF. STEPHEN BERK


  • Featuring Live moderated chat, and post-talk Q&A with each session
  • Full Program Cost: $80 for ALL FOUR SESSIONS
    **********EARLY BIRD – $65 until Nov. 18***********
  • Sessions are recorded – view missed sessions via private link (youtube/google log-in required)
  • Session size is limited – register now…
  • All programs are Tuesday nights at 7:30pm



Deep Dive Details:

Meet Prof. Yale Strom (Dec 7):

The Catskills, Klezmer and beyond: Appreciating Yiddish music – Yale Strom ethnographer and artist will explore the history of Yiddish music. From medieval troubadours, Yiddish theatre, the Catskills, klezmer and beyond Yiddish music has never stayed static and is continually evolving. The class will include many audio examples of Yiddish music.

About Prof. Yale Strom

Meet Prof. Natan Meir (Dec 14):

Yiddish Folklore: Stories, Legends, and Magic  – The Jews of Eastern Europe had a rich folk culture stretching back hundreds of years. In this session we will explore some different genres of Yiddish folklore, including folktales and magical practices such as incantations against the evil eye. We will discuss what makes the Yiddish language and Yiddish folklore unique, and gain a new understanding of shtetl life.
About Prof. Natan Meir

Meet Aaron Lansky, Founder & President
the Yiddish Book Center (Dec 21):

Expecting the Unexpected: Yiddish in the time of COVID Aaron Lansky was 24 years old when he took what he thought would be a two-year leave of absence from graduate school to save the world’s Yiddish books. At the time, scholars estimated that 70,000 volumes were still extant; Lansky and his young colleagues collected that number in six months and, 42 years later, the Yiddish Book Center, the organization he founded, has saved well over a million volumes. What’s most surprising, however, is not how many books the Yiddish Book Center found, but how many people are reading them. In 2008, the Center digitized most of its titles and posted them online, where they’ve since been downloaded close to 5 million times. The organization is now spearheading a consortium with major libraries that will establish Yiddish as the first fully accessible literature in history; it’s training a new generation of Yiddish translators; it’s racing against time to film interviews with Yiddish writers and their descendants; and it’s offering game-changing educational programs to make Yiddish and modern Jewish literature and culture come alive for high school and college students, recent graduates, and adult learners.
Perhaps most remarkable, however, has been the Yiddish Book Center’s resilience and success during the Covid pandemic. In this riveting talk, Lansky will recount the Center’s latest adventures with insight and humor, and reflect on the ways in which the rescue of lost Yiddish treasures is transforming understanding of the Jewish past, present, and future.
Watch The Yiddish Book Center’s short film “Bridge of Books”

Meet Prof. Stephen Berk (Dec 28):

Yiddish in Action: The Bund – Yiddish joins the revolution. The Jewish workers Bund entered the struggle against the Russian empire. The Bund heroically defended the Jews against pogroms. But its analysis of the future unfortunately was wrong.

About Prof. Stephen Berk



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