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Ayelet Tours is here to help. In this section you will find recommendations for trusted vendors for cell phone rentals, travel insurance and more. You’ll also find travel tips for Israel and other destinations worldwide, as well as a planning guide to planning your own custom tour with Ayelet Tours. Don’t see what you are looking for? Use the Contact Us form below and we’ll be in touch soon to assist!


As travel once again becomes possible and steps are taken to reduce the spread of Covid-19, our thoughts turn to what it will mean to travel in a post-Covid world?

It is important to remember that while this is novel, there are risks in everything we do. We have all lived with the risk of viruses all our lives, and we work to mitigate them – in this case by washing hands, avoiding touching our faces, socially distancing, and wearing masks when appropriate. Those with increased risk factors should take this all into account when considering travel plans.

Ideas are being turned into policy in real time as we write this. Internally, we at Ayelet Tours are actively discussing steps to ensure the safety of our tour participants. Our conversations will be ongoing and will take into consideration best practices from the CDC and local tourist and health authorities in our destination countries. Striking a balance between safety and reasonable risk is a challenge that we will successfully meet, alongside our partners worldwide. Among the steps we plan to take for tours moving forward:

  • Providing health and safety travel tips to travelers in advance.
  • Providing a “healthy travel” kit to participants.
  • Reducing the number of people on a given tour to allow for more space on the bus (60% capacity where possible).
  • Requiring the bus company to clean the tour bus with an increased frequency (daily).
  • Adjusting food policies, meaning more pre-packaged meals, al fresco dining where possible, and avoidance of non-served buffets, salad bars and other similar communal food.
  • Requiring guides, drivers, docents and others to wear masks or socially distance when appropriate.
  • Providing “Whisper” microphone technology to tour participants to allow members of the group to spread out more widely during guide talks.
  • Training guides to adjust when/where longer presentations are made at given sites to minimize time in close quarters.

Please check airline websites to read the latest on their efforts as well.

We stand committed to do our part as we help to re-open the globe for exploration. On behalf of our partners worldwide, and from all of us at Ayelet Tours, we look forward to welcoming you in Israel and around the world for a safe, inspiring, and deeply meaningful journey.


Latest Israeli entry update – Oct 28, 2021


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