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 ****All programs begin at 2:00 pm ET****

Feb 28 – PROF. PAUL LIPTZ, Noted Historian:
Israel’s Many Tribes

March 7 – GIL HOFFMAN, Jerusalem Post Chief Political Correspondent:
An Insider’s Look at the March 2021 Israeli Election

March 14 – ADI NES, Acclaimed Photographer:
Issues of Identities

March 21 – RACHEL KORAZIM, Enlightening Educator and Hartman Institute Scholar:
Freedom of Expression, or How Do We Know Israel is a Democracy?


  • Four unique explorations of the Israel experience
  • Featuring live moderated chat, and post-talk Q&A with scholars in Israel each week
  • Program Cost: $75 for ALL FOUR SESSIONS
  • Hosted/moderated by Ayelet Tours
  • Sessions are recorded – view missed sessions via private link
  • Session size is limited – register now!



Deep Dive Details:

Meet Historian Prof. Paul Liptz (Feb 28): 

Israel’s Many Tribes

How Israelis View Each Other, and Their Place in the World
From its foundation, Israel has been a melting pot of different ethnicities and religions tasked with the burden of living together. Israeli President Reuven Rivlin delineated “Four Tribes” in his well-known 2015 speech – secular, national-religious, ultra-orthodox (“Haredi”), and Arab. We will explore Israel’s progress from her history as young state to her current struggles and successes. We will evaluate the schism this “tribalism” presents in modern day Israel, and the opportunities presented in Israel’s global role as the “Start-up Nation”.

About Prof. Paul Liptz

Meet Journalist Gil Hoffman (Mar 7):

An Insider’s Look at the March 2021 Israeli Election

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political future is up in the air following the March 23rd election. Will Netanyahu be able to form a new government, will Israel get a new prime minister for the first time since 2009, or will political instability in Israel continue to yet another election?
Gil Hoffman will provide an insider’s look at the mudslinging in the ongoing campaign, the government formation that will take place and the future decisions the next government will make on diplomatic and security issues and matters of religion and state. He will focus on the impact of the Israeli election on relations with the new administration in Washington and with American Jewry.
About Gil Hoffman

Meet Acclaimed Photographer Adi Nes (Mar 14):

Issues of Identities

In a lecture accompanied by a visual presentation of his works, the artist will describe the various faces of Israel and Israeli identity and as they are reflected in his photography. Nes will touch upon issues related to hidden layers in his photographs, the use of canonical icons and social ideas ascribed to them. He will address how staged photography creates reality as opposed to casual photography which usually reflects reality.

About Adi Nes

Meet Educator Rachel Korazim (Mar 21):

Freedom of Expression, or How Do We Know Israel is a Democracy?

In October 1953 the Israeli Supreme Court with Justice Agranat presiding, had ruled against the administrative order to close Kol Haam and Al Intichad; two Communist newspapers that had criticized the government. This ruling is the first legal document that proclaims that Israel is a Democracy and the freedom of expression is one of its most precious values. In this session we shall examine an 11 Page earlier case of the right for free speech in the Knesset, seen through an Alterman poem. We will study the offending 1953 article as well as Agrant’s verdict, that has since become the most frequently quoted one in Israel’s court houses.

About Rachel Korazim


A short representation of Adi Nes’ Portfolio








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